Our Mission

Global Associates has a mission of providing problem solving enterprising and innovative strategies and solutions to farmerís organizations and microfinance institutions. "We facilitate change with a difference"

We work with farmerís organizations to Trigger Change through accompaniment, coupled with mentorship and coaching methodologies. We strengthen organizational and service delivery capacities to provide demand-driven, income-enhancing services to their members. We transform their way of working and become effective and attractive organizations for development and investment cooperation.
Welcome to Global Associates - About us
We are a "Capacity Building" organization providing consulting, advisory and skills training services. Our services are designed to improve and enhance organizations results and community well-being. We work with farmerís organizations and producers groups to strengthen their technical and managerial capacities.
Being a capacity building organization Global Associates provide various consulting, advisory and skills training services particularly in:
  • Organizational development i.e. refining and developing necessary institution structures, systems, policies and procedures to enhance organization effectiveness and sustainability
  • Business development i.e. develops or refines business models, product and service delivery practices to address changing environment and market
  • Business to business linkage i.e. developing ways/pathways for establishing win-win business relationships.
  • Financial management i.e. develop or refine financial systems and practices that will enhance organization financial health while strengthening controls for financial and business risks
  • Agribusiness and value chain development i.e. developing or refining agribusiness practices or business models to enhance business success by incorporating value chain development principles. Introducing village based contract farming arrangement business relationship model for buyers/processors with out-growers and introducing co-managed village storage facilities business model for village based warehouse services.
  • Farming entrepreneurship: Introducing or developing the idea and concept of farming as a business to out-growers and nucleus farmers.
  • Alliance building for policy advocacy i.e. developing alliance structures (enterprises and actors alliances) and provide skills training on evidence based advocacy
  • Financial literacy i.e. educating and training communities on issues related to effective use of financial services and money management
  • Microfinance i.e. capacity strengtherning and skills training of grassroots microfinance institutions (SACCOS and VLAs) to attain sound management practices, assess and effective control or manage risks, offer demand driven profitable products and become sustainable grassroots financial institutions.
Mbarali in Mbeya Region:

Kongolo SACCOS, Kapunga Small Holder Farmers SACCOS and Ubaruku SACCOS voluntarily joined a 24months SACCOS Service Delivery Change Program in partnership with Global Associates in October 2013.Read more >>

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